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Pricing & Packages


Wedding photography prices are built based on the number of days that you need me to be there for you. I do NOT charge by the hour or have a limited number of hours that I shoot in a day. Over the years, I know that weddings don’t run as per a schedule and it’s hard to limit the number of hours I can make myself available to the bride and groom. I will be available to you as long as you need me during your special day. Of course, photography requires creativity – so I’ll need to work out a shooting schedule that is realistic.

So even though my quote can vary sometimes, I would like to give you a general idea of my pricing and details for you to start with.

* My per day pricing for Wedding Photography starts from 50,000 INR per day. (Just a benchmark) As I mentioned above, it can be customized if your wedding spans multiple days or if it’s exceptionally short in duration etc.

* There is no strict limit on the number of deliverable pictures.

* The deliverable will be high resolution images, all personally edited by me.

* Wedding Album can be included at an additional cost of approx. 15,000 INR, including the designing, revisions, and printing.

* Wedding Cinematography costs around 75,000 INR per day. Again it can be customized if your wedding spans multiple days. The deliverable will be ~20 mins of a Wedding Film and ~3-4 mins of a teaser. The length varies upon the events included in your wedding.

* Traditional Video costs around 15,000 INR for the wedding day. The deliverable will be 1080p resolution video.

For more information, and to begin a lovely relationship – please get in touch with me here!


I love to photograph people - Couples, Individual Portraits, Kids.

If you are interested, here are a few details:

* I charge 15,000 INR for portrait shoots.


* If you are booking me for the wedding shoot then I'll charge 8000 INR for the couple shoot.

* The shoot lasts for about 3 hours.

* There is no strict limit on the number of pictures delivered, but they are usually between

30 to 60 pictures, depending on how the shoot goes.

* The deliverable will be high resolution images processed by me.

Real Estate & Interiors

* I am extremely passionate about Real Estate & Interior photography. It is where I can combine my understanding and sense of aesthetics.

* The pricing for this shoot is approximately 20,000 INR. These shoots vary vastly depending on how much area is to be covered and the various intricacies of the place to be photographed, so this amount is just an average benchmark.

* The deliverable will be high resolution images processed by me.

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