The Maharashtrian Bride

If looking beautiful and elegant was art then a Maharashtrian bride would be Picasso! She always stands out because of her attire, style, attitude, confidence, smile, and the list continues…

The major aspects that make her look beautiful are her jewelry, Nauvaari saree, Mundavlya as they call it, and of course her mere presence at the wedding hall, which is totally captivating. The way she walks and smiles make all the spectators hold their breath!

Our forte lies in capturing one of the most crucial moments in a girl’s life. Loads of gold can never outweigh her emotions and aura that she carries.

Not many would agree but even with an iota of jewellery, the bride can make her mark. The unique thing about the Maharashtrian bride is the set of green bangles (chuda) which are gifted to her by the groom’s family representing fertility, new life, and creativity.

The nose ring which is called Nath in Maharashtrian culture is shaped like a bow. It is made of pearls and colorful stones signifying the prosperity.

The Mangalsutra that she wears in one of the wedding rituals which signifies that she is now married is made up of typical black beads woven into a Gold chain, making her look more stunning and beautiful.

One can discover the bride’s mixed emotions underneath the layers of glowing face.

The eye-catching thing when the bride enters the ceremonial hall is her Nauvaari saree, the vadhu-vastra, which makes her look elegant and majestic. Nauvaari, a yellow color saree gifted by maternal uncle, signifies the perspective of optimism.

The most important ritual of a Maharashtrian wedding is Saptapadi where the couple takes seven rounds around the holy fire and the bride touches seven betel nuts placed on small mounds of rice with her right foot and the groom holds her hand which symbolizes that both will always support each other in every walk of life.

The whole wedding function is made spectacular and photogenic majorly by the bride; as she carries out all the rituals with utmost elegance and roams around swiftly with all her confidence grace and beauty! No wonder all the photographers love to capture her movements and expressions!

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  1. Very nicely described the process and the sequence, importance of each activity/ritual.
    The girl who is getting married must be going through mental stress of leaving her maternal house, Mother, Father, Brothers & Sisters and entering an almost unknown home with an unknown boy Accepting his family members is really something I could never understand.

  2. Superb discretion of Maharashtrian wedding ceremony with all the aspects like dressing, Jwellery informations and different Vidhis.

  3. अप्रतिम आणि तंतोतंत वर्णन प्रत्येक दागिन्याच , प्रत्येक विधीचं आणि नववारी साडीच …..खूपच छान .…मराठीत रिप्लाय देणारी मी पहिलीच असेन ….वर्णन सगळं महाराष्ट्रीयन विवाह सोहळ्याचं असल्यामुळे रिप्लाय पण मराठीत

  4. ‘ I JUST CAME OUT OF A MAHARASHTRIAN WEDDING ‘ – That’s the genuine feeling i experienced after reading this blog. Every word scripted here is 100% true but what makes this blog make a lasting impact is significance of every ornament the bride’s wearing. Keep it up.

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