The Maharashtrian Bride

The Maharashtrian Bride If looking beautiful and elegant was art then a Maharashtrian bride would be Picasso! She always stands out because of her attire, style, attitude, confidence, smile, and the list continues… The major aspects that make her look beautiful are her jewelry, Nauvaari saree, Mundavlya as they call it, and of course her mere presence at the wedding hall, which is totally captivating. The way she walks and smiles make all the spectators hold their breath! Our forte […]

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Jaimala & it’s significance in Indian Weddings

Jaimala Ceremony Although many of the wedding rituals are altered forms of family traditions, there are few whose existence can be traced from ancient times. One of the rituals that still have paramount importance is Jaimala ceremony. It has great historical significance since this is exactly how princesses used to choose their prince during their swayamvar. When we say Swayamwar, one of the epic Swayamwaras that comes to our mind is Rama & Seeta’s swayamvar. The tradition of exchanging flower […]

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